COD New Contract Negotiations

As negotiations continue between College leadership and the College of DuPage Full-Time Faculty Association (CODFA), the issue of compensation plays a major role in discussions between both parties. College officials are laser-focused on student success and bargaining in good faith with urgency to reach a new contract. Both sides agree that teaching matters. At the same time, College officials are mindful of their fiduciary responsibilities to District 502 stakeholders, including taxpayers and our students.

To date, two negotiation sessions have taken place with a federal mediator. A third session is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 19. College officials will continue to provide updates on this page as new information becomes available. 

Please see below two frequently asked questions and their answers:

1.      Have salaries for all full-time faculty members been frozen for the last several years?  

·         No. The majority of full-time faculty have continued to receive raises ranging from 2.56 percent and 5.17 percent as they have moved through the steps within their salary ranges.

·         In each salary range, a full-time faculty member may move up the steps based on their qualifications, education and experience. Each year a full-time faculty member automatically receives a “step” increase until the faculty member reaches the top of his/her range. If the structure does not move, as was the case back in 2016 during past negotiations, then a faculty member at the top of his/her range, would not receive an increase.

·         In 2016, CODFA and College officials negotiated economic terms, salary and insurance benefits. The remaining terms of their contract remained status quo and CODFA requested a two-year rollover of their collective bargaining agreement. 

·         College officials offered CODFA salary increases consistent with all other employee groups at the College, which was based on the Consumer Price Index plus .5 percent--with a minimum salary increase of 1 percent and maximum of 3 percent.  

·         CODFA rejected the offer and chose to keep their current salary structure frozen. Because the union chose to freeze their salary structure, those full-time faculty at the top of their ranges have not received annual increases for the last two years.

2.      Where have new faculty hires started within the salary structure?

·         New full-time faculty hires are placed within the salary structure based upon their qualifications and experience.

·         There are five salary ranges from Range A (lowest) to Range E (highest): 

  • College of DuPage’s practice for establishing the starting salaries of newly hired full-time faculty has been consistent and is based on experience and education. 
  • The majority of full-time faculty have been placed on Range A step 5 (A5), and received $59,598 for the nine-month academic year. Additional qualifications and experience could prompt higher starting salaries.
  • While there are also four lower salary steps (A1-A4), which begin at $48,851, the College’s practice has been to bring new faculty in no lower than $59,598 (step A5). There have been a few cases in which the education and experience of a newly hired faculty member warranted placement at step A4. In those cases, he or she received a starting nine-month salary of $56,667. 
  • The full-time faculty member with the highest start point since the 2017-2018 academic year received a nine-month salary of $75,093.
  • It is important to note that full-time faculty are also eligible to receive overload and summer pay in addition to their nine-month salary.
  • Due to the process the College has utilized regarding the current salary structure, COD has been successful in recruiting qualified faculty needed to fill most open positions.