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Facilities Planning and Development

In order to implement the Facilities Master Plan, the college created a new department in April 2003: Facilities Planning and Development. The department, headed by Bruce Schmiedl, Director of Facilities Planning and Development, includes COD staff and contracted staff. The department is located in the Campus Maintenance Center (CMC).

Mission and Objectives

Facilities Planning and Development Mission Statement

Facilities Planning and Development will provide and maintain an outstanding physical environment in which residents of the community can pursue the highest quality education and cultural opportunities.

Facilities Planning and Development will strive for architectural excellence in function and esthetics, and to set the standard for facilities for community college education.

Facilities Planning and Development will continually monitor and improve the quality of our services to meet and exceed the needs of the COD community.

Objectives of Facilities Planning and Development

  • Establish a process to implement the Facilities Master Plan.
  • Establish procedures for design and construction projects.
  • Establish COD standards for building design and construction.
  • Establish procedures to ensure quality control within design and construction projects, through participation by users and other pertinent staff from key segments of COD.
  • Establish a holistic “Facilities Management” philosophy for the creation and continued operations and maintenance of facilities.
  • Implement design and construction projects in partnership with user groups.
  • Educate the COD community regarding design and construction projects, so that users become informed consumers.
  • Provide communications in order to keep the COD community up-to-date regarding design and construction projects and facilities-related issues.

Facilities Planning and Development Staff

Don Inman, Director, Facilities Planning and Development

John Gandor, Project Cost Accountant

Kathy Striplin, Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

(630) 942-4063