COD Facilities Master Plan Committees

Executive Committee

  • Dr. Brian Caputo, President
  • James Bentè, Vice president of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Dr. Kirk Overstreet, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Wendy E. Parks, Vice President, Public Relations, Communications and Marketing
  • Linda Sands-Vankerk, Vice President, Human Resources and Project Hire-Ed
  • Bruce Schmiedl, Director, Facilities Planning and Development (ex officio)

Advisory Committee

  • Jim Kostecki, Research & Analytics
  • Ellen Roberts, Finance and Operational Support
  • Joe Mullin, Campus Safety and Security
  • Lisa Stock, Academic Affairs
  • Kris Fay, Dean, Business & Technology, Arts Communication & Hospitality and Biological & Health Sciences
  • Joe Cassidy, Continuing Education/Extended Learning
  • Joe DalSanto, Faculty
  • Mark Pearson, Faculty
  • Mike Dusik, Adjunct Faculty
  • Wendy Thorup-Pavlick, Adjunct Faculty
  • Bob Hayley, Shared Governance
  • Danielle Kuglin Seago, Shared Governance
  • Sue Kerby, Shared Governance
  • Roland Raffel, MAC Arts Center 

Contact Information

(630) 942-4063