Grant Compliance FAQs

What is compliance anyway?

When a grant is awarded, COD receives a contract which is a legally binding agreement. As such, project personnel must fully comply with the terms set out in the contract, even if they are modified from the original proposal.

Isn’t it enough if we follow the intent of the grant program?

No. While in the past, it may have been acceptable to work directly with a Program Officer who was lenient about contract requirements, most funding agencies have now become very strict about compliance. Even with the best of intentions, if the project does not comply with agency regulations or the contract issued for the grant, there are almost always consequences for the institution.

What happens if we don’t comply with grant requirements?

Grants and contracts received from government and private agencies are legally binding agreements, and organizations awarded them must fully comply with their terms. Noncompliance can result in:

  • Termination of the contract
  • The requirement to refund money
  • Adverse publicity
  • A higher level of scrutiny in the future


We are having trouble with some of the requirements. Should I contact the Program Officer directly to see if we can change them?

If you are having trouble with the requirements, contact the Grants Office at (630) 942-4611 immediately! Do not contact the Program Officer directly. All communication with the funding agency should be made by the Grants Office. We will work with you to help meet the requirements or request changes or extensions as needed once we determine the best course of action for the project and the grant team.

This grant program is not going well, and it looks like we won’t be able to do what we proposed to do when we applied for funding. What shall we do?

If you are having trouble implementing the project as proposed or required in the contract, please contact the Grants Office at (630) 942-4611 immediately. Do not wait until a small problem becomes a large one! The Grants Office is here to help with the implementation of project activities as needed and can help establish efficient systems for activities, data collection, meeting reporting requirements, etc. If necessary, we will contact the Program Officer and discuss options with them to ensure compliance and completion of the project.


Contact Information

Marcia Frank
Grants Manager
(630) 942-4611

Andrew Luce
Grants Specialist
(630) 942-4613