Development Stage

A grant project is developed in response to a need at the departmental, divisional or institutional level, and in accordance with the requirements or priorities of the RFP. The Grants Office can provide assistance with the following development activities:

  • Expanding or enhancing a project idea to ensure it meets the priorities of the RFP or will be more competitive as a proposed program. 
  • Building a structure for the proposed project that establishes overall goals, measurable objectives, essential activities, a timeline and data to be collected for evaluation. 
  • Collaborating with the Project Director and Grant Accountant to establish a budget that reflects all the activities and needs of the project.
  • Communicating with the funding agency as needed to answer questions about the proposal requirements or viability of a program idea. 
  • Writing and/or editing the proposal narrative, and creating or collecting any necessary attachments. 
  • Preparing the proposal for the President’s signature and submitting it on time to the funding agency.


See the Grant Development Guidelines for more information on the roles played by the Project Director, Grants Office and Grant Accountants in the development and submission processes. Questions? Contact Marcia Frank at (630) 942-4611.


Contact Information

Marcia Frank
Grants Manager
(630) 942-4611

Andrew Luce
Grants Specialist
(630) 942-4613