Submission Stage

The Grants Office will take responsibility for the final submission of all COD grants. Because there are often multiple grants due the same day or week, however, there may be an internal deadline that differs from the deadline on the RFP. Please check with the Grants Department to confirm when all grant materials must be submitted. 


  • Grants are always submitted through the Grants Office.
  • Upon submission, project directors will receive a copy of the narrative and/or entire submission packet for their records.
  • Upon notification of funding, project directors should visit the Post-Award page (link to Post-Award page) and read the Grant Management Guidelines.
  • Upon notification of funding, the Grants Office will set up an initial meeting with the grant team to ensure understanding of project requirements. Follow-up meetings will be held as regularly as needed to ensure compliance and a successful experience for everyone!


Contact Information

Marcia Frank
Grants Manager
(630) 942-4611

Andrew Luce
Grants Specialist
(630) 942-4613