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Experts @ COD

Tap into the wellspring of knowledge available right here at College of DuPage. The community benefits from the passion and experience of COD’s enthusiastic faculty, administrators and staff. Expertise is offered through the College’s Speakers Bureau and News Bureau.

Join College of DuPage faculty and community experts this Spring Semester as they examine public health issues in DuPage County. These timely, thought-provoking talks will be presented live via Zoom as part of the Dialogue Over Distance series. 

No cost to attend. Please note that all Dialogue Over Distance presentations are recorded. Closed-captioned, recorded presentations can be found on the College of DuPage YouTube playlist.

Archived Presentations

*Dialogue Over Distance Series 
**Global Chats Series

  • *Coattails or Chasms: Local Impact of National Elections: COD political science faculty Melissa Mouritsen and William Enright and Elmhurst University political science professor Constance Mixon provide perspectives on local politics and the impact of the national election on DuPage County.
  • *Long Lines, Mail-in Ballots and Election Outcomes: COD political science faculty David Goldberg and Maureen Heffern Ponicki provide an objective analysis of the election process, results and where we go from here.
  • *Hear Her Voice:  The Issue of Violence Against Native Women and Girls: COD student, NAS Committee member and activist Mercedez Reza and Rachel Fernandez, Executive Director of Maeqtekuahkihkiw Metaemohsak Inc., Woodland Women, commemorate Native American Heritage Month in November and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October by discussing the epidemic of violence against Native women and girls.
  • *Politics in Cartoons: Humanities Professor Julia diLiberti and Library and Information Technology Assistant Professor Amanda Musacchio discussed cartoons depicting women in politics 100 years ago and in more recent eras.
  • *Constitution Day 2020: 100 Strong - Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment: Women's Right to Vote (a College of DuPage faculty initiative to commemorate the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution)
  • *Music of 1969, special performance and discussion with Deb Zelman, applied music coordinator
  • *Ultimate Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy, Les Wolf, associate professor of philosophy and religious studies
  • **Keep Calm and Educate On: How to Do Just That While COVID-19 Looms Large, Shannon Brown, professor of early childhood education, and Ada Wainwright, professor of psychology
  • *Restorative Practices, Tauya Forst, associate professor of justice studies
  • **COVID-19, Disabilities and Deafness, Michael Duggan, counselor for students with disabilities, and Adam Wasilewski, assistant professor of sign language
  • *Economic Resiliency During a Pandemic, Maureen Heffern Ponicki, assistant professor of political science
  • *Backyard Astronomy, Joe DalSanto, assistant professor of earth science
  • *Unlocking Your Treasure By Solving the Problem: 2(Invest) + Express = Progress, Angel Price, attractions engineering services manager for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios
  • **Social Isolation and its Effect on Mental Health, IPV, and Addiction, Andrea Polites, assistant professor of human services, 
  • *Preparing for Illinois' Worst Weather, Paul Sirvatka, professor of meteorology
  • **Japan's Response to COVID-19 and the 2020 Olympics, Shingo Satsutani, professor of languages and vice president of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese
  • *Student Roundtable: The Big Switch - from in-person to online classes, facilitated by Peter James, associate professor of business
  • **COVID-19 Healthcare Focus, Julia diLiberti, professor of humanities, Kathleen Finan, M.D. professor of biology, and  Dilyss Gallyot, RN, interim dean of nursing and health sciences
  • *Social Inequalities and COVID-19, Matthew Green, associate professor of sociology
  • *China's Expanding Sphere of Influence, Maria Ritzema, assistant professor of history


The Speakers Bureau is a complimentary service in which dynamic educators engage with local organizations through in-person and virtual lectures, performances and discussions, providing a glimpse into the College's wide array of knowledge.

Recent presentations include History of Chicago Mayors, U.S.-Russian Relations, Film and the Oscars, Hardening Soft Targets, Cultural Storytelling, Immigration Debate via Social Media, Female Supreme Court Justices, and Storm Chasing.

At this time, virtual Speakers Bureau presentations are available via Zoom. Complete the Speakers Bureau Request Form to schedule a virtual presentation. For more information, contact Community Relations Coordinator Ami Chambers at (630) 942-3823,

The News Bureau promotes the College’s news, programs, students, faculty, events and thought leadership and is available to provide experts for commentary and analysis on trending topics.

If you are a media professional looking for an expert for a media piece, please contact News Bureau Manager Jen Duda at (630) 942-3097,