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Tap into the wellspring of knowledge available right here at College of DuPage. The community benefits from the passion and experience of COD’s enthusiastic faculty, administrators and staff. Expertise is offered through the College’s Speakers Bureau and News Bureau.

Dialogue Over Distance

This spring, join College of DuPage faculty members as they examine the intersections of prevailing health matters with local community organization leaders and health care providers. Timely and thought-provoking free webinars will focus on the impact of COVID-19, the increasing necessity of social services and the natural desire to cope with adversity through community action. 

Please note that Dialogue Over Distance presentations are recorded. Archived presentations can be found on the College of DuPage YouTube playlist. Presented in partnership with Addison Public Library, Bellwood Public Library, DuPage Pads, Glenside Public Library District, Northwestern Medicine, People's Resource Center and Wheaton Public Library.

7 p.m. Thursday, April 29

Without stable housing, families face an increased risk of poor health outcomes. According to a recent study published in the journal "Pediatrics," crowded housing, frequent relocations and homelessness exacerbate children's pre-existing health conditions and the family's overall stress level. These facts hold true in DuPage County where data suggests residents are settling for inadequate conditions due to the rising cost of living.

Join service professionals from vastly different areas of expertise, but united in the mutual goal of improving lives, to discuss barriers in accessing adequate shelter, and thus, better health.

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Topics and Presenters

  • "Connecting Health with Sustainability in Housing Design"
    • Emily Basham, registered architect and COD instructor, architecture
  • "Emergency Room Realities and Obstacles"
    • Dr. Aaron Quarles, Northwestern Medicine Doctor of Emergency Medicine and Instructor at Feinberg School of Medicine
  • "Unforeseen Direction of Services After COVID"
    • April Redzic, DuPage Pads President/CEO

We hope this Dialogue Over Distance presentation inspires action.

The simple phrase “housing assistance” encompasses more than temporary or permanent shelter. As covered in the webinar with local experts, the community benefits immeasurably when neighbors’ needs for stable shelter, including utility assistance, household furniture and supplies are met. 

  • Stay informed about your local housing support organizations’ needs and initiatives. Sign up for newsletters and follow them on social media.
  • National Volunteer Week (April 18 to 24) is coordinated by Points of Light and was established in 1974 to recognize the impact of volunteer service. Local nonprofits benefit greatly from the added support of residents during this important national awareness week. Visit Giving DuPage, the DuPage volunteer center, for a list of current donation and service needs in the area. Consider participating in the Giving DuPage Days event to celebrate the many organizations that have stepped up to serve our residents throughout the challenges of this past year.


These services offer access to shelter, utility and rent support to community members in need. 

Related COD Academic Programs

College of DuPage offers seven associate degrees, including the Associate in Applied Science, which has 75 areas of study and 175 certificate programs for today's career and technical subject areas. Courses are offered at more than 50 sites throughout Community College District 502 as well as online. The following programs are related to the topics covered in the webinar:

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Food Is Money: The Economics of Nutrition

Current public health and economic crises are marked by a significant increase in the number of first-time food pantry clients and compounded by declines in food donations. 

COD professors joined local food bank experts and health professionals to discuss the link between food insecurity, health and economics in this information-packed webinar.

Production and transcripts from Wednesday, March 17

We hope this Dialogue Over Distance presentation inspires action.

Food pantries have a consistent need for nutritious and fresh foods to distribute. Here's how you can help:

  • Take advantage of BOGO deals the next time you are shopping.
  • Plant a little extra this spring and share fresh produce from your garden.
  • Volunteer at a food bank near you. Opportunities are listed at
  • Thank food bank workers.
  • Encourage your employer to match monetary donations to nonprofit organizations that provide food assistance.
  • Follow your local food pantries on social media and sign up for newsletters to be aware of needs and initiatives.


What does healthy eating look like to children?

See good nutrition through the eyes of young artists in the electronic art gallery at People's Resource Center in celebration of National Nutrition Month and Youth Art Month.

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