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Research and Statistical Links

American Association of Community Colleges
The AACC Website is the world's link to community colleges. AACC Online provides news and information that affect two-year schools, and higher education in general. Whether it's government legislation, conference news, links to member schools and affiliates, or details on programs, you'll find it at this site.

National Center for Educational Statistics

The purpose of the Center is to collect and report "...statistics and information showing the condition and progress of education in the United States and other nations in order to promote and accelerate the improvement of American education."

Illinois Community College Board
The Illinois Community College Board, as the state coordinating board for community colleges, administers the Public Community College Act in a manner that maximizes the ability of the community colleges to serve their communities. The Board promotes cooperation within the system and accommodates those state of Illinois initiatives that are appropriate for community colleges.

US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics
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