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Presidential Search

Statement From Board of Trustees Chair Frank Napolitano:

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to sincerely thank our Presidential Search Committee for its hard work and commitment to community service. This diverse group of leaders included a 16-member team from a cross section of College of DuPage faculty and staff as well as business, legal, financial, government and education areas throughout District 502. These key stakeholders volunteered their time to present the Board with three qualified presidential candidates, each of whom possesses valuable leadership skills.

Following a thorough review and deliberative process, the Board has reached a consensus on Dr. Brian W. Caputo as the best fit to serve as president for College of DuPage. My fellow Board members and I thank everyone involved in this vital process, including those who participated in and provided insightful feedback on each of the candidates. We are now moving forward in working to finalize a contract with Dr. Caputo and dutifully position the largest and, in my opinion, the best community college in the state for the great future that lies ahead.”


Presidential Candidates

Dr. Brian Caputo

Dr. Brian W. Caputo

Dr. Brian W. Caputo


Dr. Johnny M. Moore

Dr. Johnny M. Moore

Dr. Johnny M. Moore


Dr. Ken Trzaska

Dr. Ken J. Trzaska

Dr. Ken J. Trzaska


Presidential Search Committee

Frank Napolitano

Committee Chairman and College of DuPage Board of Trustees Chairman

Christine Fenne

College of DuPage Board Secretary

Cheryl Baunbach-Caplan

President, College of DuPage Adjunct Association (CODAA)

Jennifer Butler

Discipline Support Specialist, College of DuPage

John Colletti

Community Member

David Fox

Community Member

Scott Helton

Community Member

Heidi Huizenga

Community Member

Jeanne Ives

Community Member

Nathania Montes

Associate Dean, College of DuPage 

David Olsen

Community Member

David Rogers

Community Member

Linda Sands-Vankerk

Vice President of Project Hire-Ed, College of DuPage

Jasmine Schuett

College of DuPage Student Trustee

Shannon Toler

President, College of DuPage Faculty Association (CODFA)

David Virgilio

Interim Controller, College of DuPage