Helpful Tips

  • It's never too soon to reserve your meeting space through ASTRA.
  • Dining Services needs two week of advanced notice.
  • Guarantee your number of guests with Dining Services two days before your event.
  • Reconfirm catering arrangements the day before your event.
  • Arrange and confirm audio/visual equipment, stage and sound needs with the appropriate department two weeks in advance.
  • Arrange and confirm room set-up with Operations.
  • Check your room set-up at least two hours before your event.
  • If you cancel your event, contact all departments.


Contact Information

Conference and Events Services
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1409
(630) 942-3950

Sandra Carbon-Sheldon
Conference and Events Specialist
(630) 942-3952

Jennifer Charles
Conference and Events Specialist
(630) 942-3953

Bonny Balfanz
PE Event Specialist
(630) 942-3319

Joe Llereza
Technical Event Supervisor
(630) 942-3951

Josh Kalbow
Event Technician
(630) 942-3954

Danielle Wiseman
Event Technician
(630) 942-3943

Eric Schultz
Manager Conference and Event Services
(630) 942-3956