Faculty Stories: Shannon Brown

Faculty Stories: Shannon Brown

Program: Teacher Preparation

In high school, Shannon Brown was attracted to a career in education when she volunteered in a fourth-grade classroom.

“I enjoyed building relationships with the students I was working with, and seeing their successes gave me a sense of pride,” she said. “I knew from that point on I wanted to be an educator.”

Brown’s educational journey has included positions as a junior high teacher, athletic director, technology coordinator, assistant principal and an elementary school principal in the south suburbs of Chicago. However, after going into administration, she missed being in the classroom.

“As a principal, I was able to observe many classrooms and teachers. I was able to see characteristics that make great teachers and characteristics some teachers lacked in the classroom. Ultimately I saw myself teaching future teachers how to be great.

“I want my students to know how critical and important the role of an educator is. They hold the future of children in their hands, and let’s face it: Kids won’t learn from someone they don’t like. Building relationships with students is the key to educating them. My students will take away the knowledge they need to be a teacher, role model, and hero to children.”

As a mother, Brown understands the role she plays in her own children’s lives, and they in turn provide inspiration.

“As a teacher, I always said that I would do for my students as I would do for my own. Being a mom solidifies that philosophy. I want nothing but the best for my own children. They see me plan, grade papers and do my own homework, and I see them value education. When I see all they accomplish, it pushes me to do better and be better at everything I do.”

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