Faculty Stories: Kevin Newman Bey

Kevin Newman Bey

Kevin Newman Bey
Department: Massage Therapy 

Kevin Newman Bey wanted to do something that helped his family.

“I saw them going to so many doctors and being prescribed so many medicines that were not improving their health,” he said. “Massage therapy also was very helpful for me as a young athlete by relieving shin splits and sciatic pain.”

Newman Bey initially worked at Total Athleticare, a chiropractic sports clinic where he helped college and semi-pro athletes recover from injuries and stay in top performing shape. He now works at Soderworld Healing Arts Center with holistic practitioners, such as chiropractors, yoga instructors and Ayurveda medicine experts, to help address health on all levels. He also manages the spa department at Score Sports Center.

Because of his passion for massage therapy, he currently shares his knowledge with students in the Massage Therapy program at College of DuPage.

“I love what I do as a therapist and I know it’s important for students to be surrounded and taught by passionate teachers and therapists,” he said. “I want to spark the same passion in students that my teachers helped me find in myself. Once you have passion, you have compassion and can thrive as a therapist.”

Newman Bey is inspired by the people who express gratitude for helping them live better lives through massage and bodywork.

“By teaching people how to be mindful of the state their body, we can direct them to optimal health and well-being,” he said.

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