Faculty Stories: Larry Overstreet

Larry Overstreet

Larry Overstreet
Department: Continuing Education

Larry Overstreet spent his career working with computers.

But he also loves to teach, something that began during his time in the military.

“Upon graduation from college, I immediately went into the military for pilot training,” he said. “After completing the pilot training course, I was assigned to further training as a flight instructor, hence my introduction to teaching. I teach because I love to teach.

“I earned my bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked as a programmer on a mainframe. When my firm decided we should branch out to PCs, the decision was made that I would be the person to teach the other programmers how to use said PC. This decision was made because I had a Commodore 64.”

Now retired, Overstreet continues to teach in the Continuing Education department at College of DuPage, helping computer students master such topics as QuickBooks.

“My hope is that my students walk out of the class knowing more than when they entered, it was what they wanted to learn and they enjoyed doing it,” he said.

He also works for two volunteer organizations: as a board member and treasurer for RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Organization), which serves seniors’ needs as defined in its mission, and as a board member for the Batavia Historical Society.

Overstreet sees himself teaching for many years to come and is inspired by his students.

“I’m most inspired when a student says, ‘I can’t wait to get back to my home or office and try what I just learned.’”

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