Faculty Stories: Robert Plank

Robert Plank

Program: Computer and Information Technology (CIT)


Robert Plank is intrigued by the endless possibilities of computers.

“In the 1980s, my family bought me a Commodore 64 to explore, program and learn about what makes a computer tick,” he said.

Plank, who earned his bachelor’s degree at Illinois State University, owned a small computer company that helped individuals and small businesses with their computer and networking needs.

“We did everything from fixing internet and printing problems to system upgrades and holding hands with clients who are stressed out when technology doesn’t work as expected!”

Plank turned to teaching because he enjoys sharing his love of IT and now does so through the Computer and Information Technology program at College of DuPage.

“It’s a constantly changing field with new advances on a regular basis, never making for a dull moment,” he said. “I hope my students gain a better understanding of how the technology they use every day functions. I tell my students often that no matter where your career takes you, you will be working with computers and not just your smartphone. If you have a better understanding of what happens under the hood along with the network plumbing, you will be a more valuable employee to your organization.”

Outside of the classroom, he finds inspiration in his two sons who have grown into young men. 

“I watch them discover, learn and come up with ideas I had never thought of, which warms my heart and motivates me to keep moving forward.”

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