Faculty Stories: Kent Richter

Kent Richter

Kent Richter
Department: Philosophy and
Religious Studies

Kent Richter has always been nagged by religious questions but not satisfied by “faith,” even if driven to it.

"Thus came the desire to study and rethink religions philosophically," he said. "Even when I was a civil engineer, I was somehow more interested in religion and philosophy."

Richter earned his bachelor's and master's at Colorado State University and his Ph.D. from Stanford. He taught in Colorado and Wyoming before coming to College of DuPage in the early 1990s.

"I am always interested in talking about religions and philosophy, and teaching is about the best way to make it a career," he said. "It was having mentors who urged me to think and believe that encouraged me most, and I would like to be such a mentor to students."

He is most inspired by great, thoughtful truths captured in lovely writing as well as models of intelligent and spiritual people who humbly serve others. Admittedly, he also likes good sci-fi films and even low-brow blow-up movies like the “Die Hard” series.

"I hope students get good information about religions, theology and philosophy," he said. "I hope they learn to think carefully and honestly. Even more, I hope they learn to take ideas seriously and to take their own minds and souls seriously."

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