Faculty Stories: John Schreiber

John Schreiber

John Schreiber
Program: Continuing Education

Although John Schreiber trained to become a teacher in grad school, he instead made his living as a general building contractor and construction manager.

In the early 2000s, he returned to the classroom and taught construction management as an adjunct faculty member at Oakton Community College.

"After 10 years, Oakton shut down its CM program. But I had discovered that I enjoyed teaching a lot and was at home in the classroom, so I returned to grad school and got my master's in Military History," he said. "And it was as a history teacher that I caught on in College of DuPage's Lifelong Learning program."

Schreiber teaches semi-historical subjects, such as the history of the Chicago crime family and King Arthur, as well as history courses on London, the Plantagenets, the Vikings and the War of 1812. Future classes include the gunfighters of the Old West and two on the American Indians, as well as one on the history of construction.

He enjoys sharing his excitement of a subject with his students and hopes that it excites them as well, spurring their own reading and research. 

"I teach because I enjoy it and I'm good at it. I love historic research and because of a theater background in undergraduate school, I have a strong class presence and can present the information in an enjoyable manner," he said. "I try to make class time fun for the students, just as I am having fun teaching it. While my method is predominantly lecture, I encourage an open classroom environment where the students are free to engage me with questions, comments, additions and corrections.

"The inspiration for all of this is my love of history. I want to share what I learn, and I learn new things every time I teach. I learn when I prepare for a class, even if I have taught the class 10 times before, and I learn from my students as they share thoughts, knowledge from their own experiences and research."

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