Outstanding Advisors 2018-2019

Michael Duggan (Winfield), Counselor, Student Affairs Division

During his tenure at COD, Michael Duggan has helped establish a variety of programs, including Project COACH, a vocational skills training program for students with developmental disabilities; Autismerica, a social/support group for students on the autism spectrum; and a chapter of Best Buddies for student-to-student mentoring. His first book, “First Class Support for College Students on the Autism Spectrum: Practical Advice for College Counselors and Educators,” was released in 2017. He is endlessly dedicated to his students and genuinely interested in their development and success.

Linda Jenkins (Wheaton), Paralegal Studies, Business and Applied Technology Division

As the faculty leader of COD’s Paralegal Club, Linda Jenkins works to bring in quality and informative speakers each week. She also runs the COD Chapter of Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX), the paralegal honor society. Jenkins goes above and beyond to make sure that these two programs are both fun and educational. She cares deeply about each student in the paralegal program and does everything possible to make sure they are successful and grow to be as passionate as she is about the legal system.