Divisional Faculty Winners 2011-2012

Outstanding Divisional Faculty Members

2012 Outstanding Faculty Members and Advisors:

(From left) Nancy Kett, Bärbel E. Thoens-Masghati, David Fazzini, 

Sally N. Fairbank, Judy Burgholzer, Christine Kickels, James Ryan,

Nicole Matos, Nancy Payne and Kathy Kamal

Nine full-time professors at College of DuPage have been recognized as the 2011-2012 Outstanding Divisional Faculty Members at College of DuPage.

These faculty members were selected for their excellence in teaching, service to the College, scholarly activities, community service and advising skills. Each will receive a $500 cash award from the College of DuPage Foundation.

The Outstanding Divisional Faculty Members are Judy Burgholzer (Elburn), professor of Horticulture, Business and Applied Technology Division; Mary Jean Cravens (Wheaton), associate professor of Sociology, Health and Sciences Division; David Fazzini (Elmhurst), professor of Physics, Health and Sciences Division; Kathy Kamal (Wheaton), professor of Art, Liberal Arts Division; Nancy Kett (Naperville), professor of Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, Health and Sciences Division; Christine Kickels (Lemont), reference librarian/professor, Learning Resources Division; Nicole Matos (Lombard), associate professor of English and ESL, Liberal Arts Division; Christopher Miller (Lombard), associate professor of Speech, Liberal Arts Division; and Nancy Payne (Glen Ellyn), professor of Business/Marketing/Management, Business and Applied Technology Division.

Judy Burgholzer

Burgholzer has been the horticulture program coordinator since 1994. She has revised the horticulture curriculum by introducing several new courses to keep the program current and oversees the development of the outdoor Horticulture Landscape Lab. In addition, Burgholzer has worked with area high schools to develop dual credit courses and serves on the Technology Center of DuPage's Landscape Design and Management Advisory Committee.

Mary Jean Cravens

Cravens, a former COD student, received the Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship, given to doctoral students who began their educations at community colleges, and the Rue Bucher Memorial Award through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her area of expertise are gender studies and the sociology of gender. She also has been the advisor for the Students for Animal Defense club.

David Fazzini

Fazzini has authored the current lab manual and created the TYCHO homework system for the Physics 1100 course. In addition, he developed the Technical Physics courses for the InET program. Fazzini has been an active participant in Dare to Dream, ACT-SO, Pathfinders and Technology Day. He also applies unique methods to explain complex concepts for students, such as lying between a bed of nails to demonstrate energy and momentum.

Kathy Kamal

Kamal has primary responsibility for the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program and provides strong leadership on issues pertaining to safety in the Art program. As a professional artist, she was recently selected as a finalist for the Saul Bell Design Award, a prestigious national award that recognizes artists whose work challenges traditional perceptions of jewelry design.

Nancy Kett

Kett authored the program review reports and a resource handbook for adjunct faculty for the Anatomy and Physiology 1500 Survey course. She is the faculty liaison for the cadaver procurement and transport process, which occurs every two years, and serves as a mentor for faculty who teach the cadaver courses. She is a volunteer at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, helping to care for orphaned and injured animals.

Christine Kickels

Kickels provides reference staff training in business research, legal research and philanthropy research. She leads training for community members through the Philanthropy Center and Donors Forum. In addition, Kickels spearheaded the use of Adobe Connect for library instruction and provided training and technical support for individuals interested in using this tool.

Nicole Matos

Matos has been active with the Illinois International Negotiations Module, a project that helps students learn about other cultures and develop a fuller understanding of global issues. In 2010-11, she participated in the Illinois Consortium of International Studies Programs Faculty/Staff Exchange, hosting a faculty member from the Netherlands and then traveling to the Netherlands to observe classes and teach English.

Christopher Miller

As an advisor to the College's Forensics team, Miller devotes countless hours to helping students achieve their personal best and is adept at cultivating a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among students. He also works with Student Ambassadors to prepare them to host campus tours for prospective students. Through his work as the host of "That Beepin' Show," Miller has become the face of College of DuPage for many students.

Nancy Payne

Payne has contributed to enhancing cultural education at the College through her 20-year commitment as a member of the Africa and Africa/Diaspora Committee, including several years as chairperson. She has also had leadership roles on the Demonstrated Competency Committee, developing new policy proposals, and the Information Literacy Committee, developing new research projects.