Student Stories: Ina Furxhi

Ina Furxhi

Major: Chemistry

Ina Furxhi was curious about how things interacted with each other.

“That was the first thing that attracted me to chemistry,” she said. “Chemistry can explain anything from how our planet was formed to how to make a substance that can save someone’s life. I really love classes that are hands-on and that allow me to perform the experiments in the laboratories that I read about in textbooks.”

Furxhi wanted to attend medical school, and she was glad that College of DuPage was nearby to provide a solid start to her education.  

“COD is one of the top colleges in the nation and has some of the most stellar professors,” she said. “It provided me with classes that are easily transferable, tutoring and peer help for students in need, and professors with flexible office hours. These options are available for any student and are free of charge. COD also offers tons of clubs and extracurricular activities that helped me on my path to pursue a career in medicine. I was president of the Future Physicians Club at COD.”

In 2014, Furxhi participated in a prestigious summer internship at Northwestern University’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. She explored different technologies that use algae processes for making biofuels in order to determine which approach is most cost-effective.

Furxhi completed medical school at Ross University School of Medicine and is now an internal medicine resident at University of Chicago NorthShore Medical Center. Her advice to chemistry students is to take advantage of the many resources at College of DuPage and to manage their time wisely. 

“Chemistry can get tough but never give up!” she said. “By using your professor’s office hours, the tutoring center and the library, you will not only pass with flying colors but you will learn how to manage yourself in the real world when there is a potential problem that you might be faced with.”

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