Student Stories: Madison Kopjo

Madison Kopjo

Major: Associate in Science

During her senior year in high school while investigating college options, Madison Kopjo visited the College of DuPage campus several times and met with various representatives.

“I applied to multiple schools because I did want to go to a university away from home,” she said. “I received scholarships, but they were from schools that were still pretty expensive for me to attend. So financially, what made the most sense for me was living at home while commuting. I really like having my own bathroom and home-cooked meals, which I can’t say many of my friends who went away to school right have access to. I also was not sure what I wanted to major in, so I knew COD would provide me with the opportunity to explore my options more openly than if I went to a university.”

It helped that Kopjo’s two older sisters enjoyed their experiences at College of DuPage. What solidified her decision was receiving a Presidential Scholarship, which covered two years of tuition for high-achieving students.

“When I received that letter in the mail, I knew COD was the right choice,” she said. “By receiving the scholarship and becoming a part of the Honors program, I was more motivated overall about my education and I was excited to start my classes.”

Kopjo, who worked as an athletic trainer for two years while in high school, enjoys helping others and decided that becoming a certified athletic trainer would be a good career. As she finished her Associate in Science degree at COD, Kopjo was awarded the annual full-tuition North Central College Transfer Scholarship. 

While at NCC, Kopjo maintained a 4.0 GPA and was in the North Central Athletic Training Program, where she gained experience with various sports teams. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and, after spending more than two years as a certified athletic trainer/physician extender for an orthopedic surgeon, has started the Master of Science in Physical Assistant Studies program at NCC.  

Ironically enough, she returned to COD sporadically to complete her prerequisites for graduate school.

“I really enjoyed being back on the COD campus,” she said. “I’ve always been a big believer that things happen for a reason and they come full circle. COD continued to set me up for success throughout my college career.”

Kopjo would recommend College of DuPage to anyone and believes it is an underrated school. 

“I knew I would be better off at a community college where I could more freely pick and choose my classes, instead of at a four-year university spending unnecessary amounts of money when I was not sure why I was there,” she said. “There are so many professors, courses, programs and clubs, and I truly believe that COD is right for anybody. I created any schedule I needed that still allowed time for my off-campus job. The counselors helped me each semester, guiding me toward what classes would work best for me as an individual. Plus I am addicted to coffee and there’s a Starbucks on campus, so it was a perfect fit!

“The one thing I enjoyed most about COD was that while over 25,000 people attend this school, it was still very personal. There are no lecture halls or unmanageable class sizes. Students like myself can be honored for their efforts and accolades, which made me feel like I made a difference in the COD community and motivated me to be a better student.”

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