Student Stories: Elizabeth Marlowe

Elizabeth Marlowe

Major: Welding

Elizabeth Marlowe first came to College of DuPage for the Photography program, which she considered the best in the area.

Having enjoyed her experience, she hoped to return to COD and several years later began looking at different certificate programs.

“Welding seemed interesting and was in my top three choices,” she said. “After comparing salaries, welding had the most potential as a career.”

Providing support throughout her time in the Welding program has been David Ellis, assistant professor of Welding.

“He helped me achieve my goal of getting my first welding job by sending me several job posts and even calling me to give me a heads up,” she said. “I've also had some tough love from teachers with my tardiness and have been improving on it since.”

After completing her Welding certificate, Marlowe plans to finish an Associate in Applied Science in Welding. Her ultimate career goal is to become a welding inspector.  

She recommends COD to prospective students and advises them to take full advantage of learning opportunities.

“Don't be afraid to ask ALL the questions. Ask for demos. Ask your teacher to watch you to make sure you’re doing it right,” she said. “Learning by trial and error is slower and can be very frustrating and discouraging. So practice, practice, practice!”

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