Student Stories: Tim Mazur

Tim Mazur

Major: Business

As soon as he stepped foot on campus, Tim Mazur knew College of DuPage was right for him.

“The atmosphere was brilliant. Everything is state-of-the-art and had a warm, welcoming feel,” he said. “After touring the campus and gaining more knowledge on what COD was all about, I knew that I would have a successful journey to my associate degree. Also, having the ability to commute to the campus, which was close to home, allowed me to maintain a job as a teller at Oxford Bank and Trust, which helped to build my resume.” 

Mazur and his twin sister, Sue, each received a Dean's Scholarship to COD, an award that provides $1,500 annually. After enrolling, he immediately immersed himself into both academics and campus life. His interest in business started while attending high school and competing in DECA, an organization that helps high school and college students prepare as leaders and entrepreneurs for business-related fields.

“Being able to throw on a shirt and tie and sell your ideas to others really intrigued me,” he said. “By continuing to take more business classes at College of DuPage, I was reassured that this field of study was right for me. COD also gave me the ability to learn about vast options and provided me with numerous opportunities to advance in the field of business.”  

Mazur was a member of Alpha Beta Gamma, the honor society for business and technology students, as well as a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors program. He also worked as a Student Ambassador for the Admissions and Outreach office and was constantly telling prospective students that they should become Chaparrals. 

“The idea of going away to school right away may seem appealing, but I can assure you that by starting your higher education at College of DuPage, you will be more successful as a student because you will be more focused on your studies. Not only will you earn good grades, but your wallet will thank you,” he said. “COD is also a great way for students to figure out what field of study they want to go into. Going to a university undecided can turn into a mess, and I know of a lot of students who wished that they attended COD first.” 

After graduating from COD with highest honors, Mazur transferred to North Central College, where he received a full scholarship. He earned his Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Accounting (CPA track) and Finance with a minor in Economics and graduating magna cum laude.

Mazur would like to become a CPA and combine that with his entrepreneurial work. While at NCC, he earned his real estate license and now owns and manages the Millennial Realty Group as well as a freight logistics company.

“Both companies keep me very busy, but I love every moment of it,” he said. “I also started investing in real estate, renovating and renting out properties. As always, the goal is to continue to grow both businesses, providing new opportunities for not only myself but also the people I employ.” 

Mazur hopes to return to COD as a professor and teach real estate courses. It would be his way of giving back to the school that gave him the start to reach his goals. 

“Due to College of DuPage’s phenomenal professors and facilities, I received an extraordinary education. Taking courses of all different subject matters helped me to become a stronger speaker and an overall well-rounded individual,” he said. “I had a fresh start from high school, which allowed me to achieve a high GPA at COD that was beneficial when transferring to a university. College of DuPage helped diversify me as a student and prepared me well for my future education and career.

“If I had to redo my college career, I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe beginning at COD and finishing at NCC has set me up for success. I hope many others take advantage of the great things that COD offers.” 

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