Student Stories: Ali Paquette

Alli Paquette

Major: Surgical Technology

Ali Paquette’s love of science and anatomy initially drove her toward a science career.

Health Science Admissions

Once she realized how many possibilities existed for surgical techs, she changed courses. College of DuPage was a logical choice in terms of affordability and quality.

“COD provided the degree program that got me into my career, which is helping me further my education and reach my bigger goals,” she said. “COD was affordable, but it also has a lot of options for online classes, summer classes and night classes, which was important to me since I worked full-time while attending school. The Surgical Technology program itself is very structured, but it was helpful being able to complete all my other pre-reqs around my schedule to get into the program.” 

After earning her Associates in Applied Science in Surgical Technology, Paquette worked at Gift of Hope in a department that coordinates organ and tissue donation for Illinois. Now a labor and delivery certified surgical technician, she plans to work while continuing her education.

COD provided the degree program that got me into my career.

Ali Paquette

“I just got accepted into an accelerated bachelor’s program for kinesiology at Concordia University and will be applying to physician assistant programs once I get my Bachelor of Science. The goal is to work either in sports medicine or in pelvic floor therapy for women.” 

Paquette highly recommends the Surgical Technology program at COD and advises students to complete their prerequisites on their own time.

“While the program can be rigid, it is one year. Looking back, it is a drop in the bucket and worth every sacrifice,” she said. “The program gave me a career making better money, with great benefits, and it is allowing me to continue on a bigger path. It seems like a lot to go through, and it is while you are in it, but it is so worth it to come out on this side!”

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