Student Stories: Paul Park

Paul Park

Major: Chemistry

Paul Park came to College of DuPage because he wasn’t ready to attend a large university as a freshman.

“COD has prepared me for my future goals by providing me with the higher education I needed to get into my next university,” he said.

One opportunity it provided Park was a summer internship at Hope College, thanks to the College of DuPage Foundation’s Resource for Excellence grant program.

“At Hope College, I used high-performance liquid cromatography to analyze chemical substances in poppy plants. By comparing two genera – Bocconia and Macleaya – within the same family, this clarifies their relationship, and with enough evidence, we could change the taxonomy of these plants.”

Park, who is originally from South Korea, returned there to finish his military service and during the interim, he enrolled in a class at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After his discharge, he attended UIUC and is on track to earn his bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology. He would like to pursue a career in the medical field and is planning for graduate school. 

“Knowing how things work on a molecular level, which affects everything in our life, is fascinating,” he said. “Not only organic but everything in the world has to be associated with chemistry. Even in outer space, the true facts don’t change.

“College of DuPage is a big community college that provided me with excellent teachers and academic courses. I am excited about where my education will take me.”

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