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ELA/ELS Services

ELA Conversation Circles are:

  • FREE for COD students
  • a wonderful way for a group of COD students who are enrolled in ELA classes to practice English outside of class.
  • led by patient and knowledgeable tutors who are trained to work with ELA students.
  • a group of non-native English speaking students reading and discussing an ELA newspaper, News for You, and participating in other activities developed by the tutors.
  • helpful for students to improve reading and writing in English.
  • an opportunity for students to listen and speak in English to natives and non-natives.
  • great for students to gain confidence speaking in English, either one-on-one or in small, focused groups.
  • a place to develop thinking in English.
  • an opportunity to practice English for higher ELA courses (0955, 0956, and 0958), other COD courses or for a job.

ELA Conversation Circles Meeting Times:

 ELS Services:

  • The Learning Commons provides one-on-one assistance for students taking ELS writing, reading, listening, and grammar classes. 


Contact Information

Learning Commons
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2102, (630) 942-3941
Learning Commons Hours of Operation

Learning Commons West
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1016B, (630) 942-3960

Mathematics Assistance
(630) 942-3339

Writing, Reading, and Speech Assistance
(630) 942-3355

Tutoring Services
(630) 942-3686