Global Education Photo Contest

In Field Studies/Study Abroad/Global Ed, we are fond of saying, “Make the world your classroom!” Each year we do just that, sending hundreds of students around the world on amazing academic adventures. Here are some of our favorite images taken on Field Studies/Study Abroad programs in recent years. Trust that we are busy planning future courses/trips to extraordinary locations that we shall visit with renewed vigor and perhaps a deeper appreciation of our ability to travel the world. 

Photo Contest Winner

girl with butterfly on her nose

Photo by Megan Kairies

"I recently studied abroad in Costa Rica. I noticed that the culture is more about togetherness than in the States. They are the hardest working people, but always make time for family. My host "Mamá Tica" is one of the hardest working people and even though she had art classes, church duties, kids to take care of, and her father that relies on her to take care of him - even with that, every night she reserved at least an hour to talk to me and my roommate to make sure we felt like family. It's just who Costa Ricans are. They are very loving and welcoming people who make sure everyone feels like family. I love this photo because my Mamá Tica loves butterflies and even made one for me in her art class (it's hanging in my room). A butterfly to me represents a person who can bring a smile to everyone’s face even if it's just for a short moment in time." Megan Kairies, Study Abroad, Costa Rica

2022 Photo Contest Gallery

Thank you to all who participated.

Island with beach, forest and palm trees

Female in kayak on lake

Two yaks in the snow

Mountain scene with red boat on lake

Galapagos sign

Two pelicans on a rock

Woman in boat on lake with bridge

Older adults at a wine tasting

Man with sandwich in Paris, France with Eiffel Tower

Girls touching each others hands

Valley of autumn trees and rocks

Pelican looking at a sign

Stream with rocks in a forest

Man standing in a valley overlooking a lake

Two girls posing with a valley behind

Thunderstorm with lightning overlooking a plain

Seaside scene at dusk

Man walking into an art gallery

Woman standing against a mural

Road heading through a jungle toward a mountain

Sea scape of ocean crashing into the mountainous shore

Girl with large butterfly on nose

Image of vehicle through broken glass

Mountain valley with clouds

Seal resting on beach

Porcupine posing for camera

Valley with rocks and trees

Clouds over a plain

Valley with rocks and trees at dusk

Woman walking in a forest of snow

Tornado on a plain

People hiking along a stream

Valley lake with mountains and pine trees

Note: to fit the format of the gallery, images needed to be cropped.

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