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Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley High School, Indian Prairie School District 204
1801 North Eola Road · Aurora, IL 60502
Website: mvhs.ipsd.org
Phone: (630) 375-5900


FA = Class offered in Fall Semester. SP = Class offered in Spring Semester. YR = Class runs all Year, over both semesters.
FA SP YR COD Course Number Credits COD Course Name High School Course Name Instructor PCS Transfer
    X ANAT 1500 4 Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology Molloy, Timothy 1.1
  X   CULIN 1109 1 Culinary and Baking Nutrition Senior Foods Dee, Sara 1.2
X     ELECT 1141 3 Digital Fundamentals Digital Electronics PLTW Schey, Jeff 1.2
    X FASHI 1201 3 Clothing Construction I Apparel Construction I O'Rourke, Sally 1.2
    X FASHI 1202 3 Clothing Construction II Apparel Construction II O'Rourke, Sally 1.2
    X MPTV 1011 3 Introduction to Motion Pictures & TV Media Comm & Prod I Grijalva, Nicholas 1.2
    X MPTV 1220 3 Intro to TV Studio Production Broadcast Journalism Prod II M, Brent 1.2
X   X PHOTO 1100 3 Fundamentals of Photography Digital Photography Popovich, Karen 1.2
    X PHOTO 1101 3 Foundations of digital Photography Digital Photography II Popovich, Karen 1.2



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