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York High School

York High School
355 W. St. Charles Road Elmhurst, IL 60126
Website: https://york.elmhurst205.org
Phone: (630) 617-2400


FA = Class offered in Fall Semester. SP = Class offered in Spring Semester. YR = Class runs all Year, over both semesters.
FA SP YR COD Course Number Credits COD Course Name High School Course Name Instructor PCS Transfer
    X ARCH 1211 3 Basic Computer Aided Drafting Architectural Drafting w/CAD Buckel, Ryan 1.2
X X   BUSIN 1100 3 Intro to Business Business Management Honors Borel, James 1.2
X X   BUSIN 1120 3 Fundamentals of Personal Investment Personal Finance Honors Borel, James 1.2
X     CIS 1211 3 2D Game Development 2D Game Design Honors Barnum, William 1.2
  X   CULIN 1120 1 Sanitation Food & Restaurant Management Albert, Wendy 1.2
X X   EDUCA 1100 3 Introduction to Education Invitation to Teach Crist, Laurie 1.1
X X   ENGLI 1110 3 Technical Writing Technical Writing Honors Bendelow, Andrew 1.1
    X MANUF 1151 3 Machine Shop I Manufacturing Technology Calenburg, Dan 1.2
    X SPANI 2206 4 Heritage Speakers Spanish Heritage Speakers Martinez, Eduvijes 1.1
  X   SPANI 2208 4 Heritage Speakers II Spanish Heritage II Honors Morales/Martinez 1.1



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