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Discover the Meaning Behind PSI

The Public Service Institute, or PSI as we call it, is a professional development program for public sector employees. The program is made up of 6 unique series of professional training topics geared toward those working in local government. The series are called, Engaging Employees I and II, Leading Teams I and II, and Organizational Leadership I and II. This training offers participants the opportunity to share best practices, network with those in other municipalities and examine case studies specific to the public sector.

The relevance of the topics learned to municipal employees is invaluable. The sessions are interactive so that participants are getting the most benefit by the discussions that take place within smaller groups. The instructors bring a wealth of training and public sector experience, which is important because of the uniqueness of this sector of employees.

Our newest series is Organizational Leadership which is geared to manager level and above. In this series, some of the topics are Strategic Planning, Crisis Communication and Finances – from State to Local Government. We developed the series this past fall and have added new trainers to our PSI talent bench including a former state comptroller, a county Homeland Security and Emergency Management manager, and a former village manager.

In addition to the PSI series, we have also brought a Project Management training for the public sector in a one day training with Andy Kaufman. This training has been widely attended since launching the course in January of 2020.

If you have participated in PSI, then you know the value of this unique program. If your organization has not attended one of these programs and you would like to find out more about PSI, please email Jenifer Walsh (

You may also visit our webpage for more information about upcoming sessions at


"This program does an excellent job of providing professional development education for municipal employees in a wide variety of topics." -Kent Johnson, City Engineer, City of Elmhurst