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Youth Academy High School Classes

The Youth Academy, High School program at College of DuPage has a full range of options to continue and enhance teens' intellectual curiosity and academic progress throughout the year.

Our mission is to serve district youth in high school coursework and provide high school credit summer school classes as well as Career Academy courses that award an in-depth, behind, the-scenes look at inspiring fields sure to enable youth to make informed choices for a college major or potential career track without paying college tuition.

All courses are taught by Illinois State Board of Education, High School certified instructors that possess up-to-date Illinois Professional Licensure. Career Academy is a partnership with the College of DuPage certificate and degree programs led by full-time Faculty. 

COD is the place to be to get ahead, review, and prepare for high school academic success!

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Online Opportunities

All online courses require access to a reliable WiFi connection, a personal computer, webcam, and microphone. Registered students are required to submit online waivers listing a personal email address to ensure the timely sharing of course details.

Please be advised registration closes one week prior to the start of online courses. All students must have a completed copy of the Youth Academy Online Waiver on file at least 2 business days prior to the start of class. Online Waivers will be emailed to students and completed forms should be submitted to

Get into academic shape with our Youth Academy High School Academic Readiness series!

Class workshops focus on academic subjects that allow students the ability to preview, review, or reinforce course topics that are typical trouble subject areas. Classes are intended for Junior High and High School students to review specific math and science content. Lessons will be prepared and if students have particular questions, those will be addressed first. All curriculum will loosely follow general math and science standards throughout the duration of the program.

Courses are designed to review high school coursework, not to replace a course required by your school district. Be advised registration closes one week prior to the start of online courses.

  • No credit awarded
  • No textbook required for classes
  • No letter grades are given
  • Courses are not eligible for official/student transcripts

Math level 1: Algebra with an Introduction to Geometry

This Math Academic Readiness class encompasses math topics such as Pythagorean Theorem, polynomials, the order of operations, foil, factoring, probability, solving inequalities, graphing, equations of a line. As well as simple geometry topics like area, perimeter, properties of circles, triangles and of regular polygons. Suitable for grades 7-9 or classes like algebra, basic math, consumer math, intro to geometry.

Wednesdays, Oct.14 to Oct. 28
6 to 8:00 p.m.
YEHSC-0005-001, $99
Virtual Classroom 

Thursdays, Nov. 11 to Nov. 19
6 to 8:00 p.m.
YEHSC-0005-002, $99
Virtual Classroom

Math level 2: Algebra II with Geometry and Trigonometry

Suitable for grades 9-11 or classes like Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra with Geometry, Algebra with Trigonometry, College Algebra, Consumer math II. Students will explore math topics including right triangles with unit circle and Trigonometry with additional Algebra 2 concepts like two equations/two unknowns, substitutions, squares, powers, inequalities, graphing inequalities, basic functions, integration of Algebra with Geometry.

Saturdays, Oct.10 to Oct. 24
10:00 a.m. to noon
YEHSC-0005-003, $99
Virtual Classroom  

Saturdays, Nov. 7 to Nov. 21
10:00 a.m. to noon
YEHSC-0005-004, $99
Virtual Classroom

Algebra Spotlight: Graphing Linear Equations & Slopes

This Algebra Spotlight Series will highlight Graphing Linear Equations & Slope. Class workshop meetings will preview & review the following concepts: How to graph a linear equation, write equations in slope-intercept form, find the slope of a line, x-& y-intercepts, and parallel & perpendicular lines. Instructor & students will work through various problems together, allowing the student to gain greater confidence in algebraic skills. Graph Paper will be needed daily. No homework will be assigned but practice problems will be available for independent study.

Tuesday and Thursday, Oct. 20 to Oct. 29
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
YEHSC 0005-010, Fee: $99
Virtual Classroom

Algebra Spotlight: Working with Systems of Equations

Students can review and preview working with systems of equations in many forms. Learn how to solve systems of equations: by graphing, substitution, and elimination as well as solving word problems. Instructor & students will work through various problems together, allowing the student to gain greater confidence in algebraic skills. No homework will be assigned. Graph Paper will be needed daily.

Tuesday and Thursday, Nov. 10 to Nov. 19
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
YEHSC 0005-011, Fee: $99
Virtual Classroom

Chemistry Spotlight: Math Components

This Chemistry Spotlight will review and introduce the math-heavy components of chemistry. The instructor will review concepts and give examples for the first hour of class. The instructor and students will work through problems together during the second hour. Topics include Atomic Structure, Gas Laws, e-configuration, limiting reactants, stoichiometry, and other typically covered in both first and second semesters in a standard high school course.

Monday through Friday, Oct. 5 to Oct. 09
6 to 8:00 p.m.
YEHSC 0006-100, Fee: $115
Virtual Classroom

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Common App Essay Workshop

Get help with your college applications by creating a working draft of your Common App essay in this writing workshop. Address this year's prompts, develop a draft, and begin the editing process in a comfortable, supportive setting. Prompts can be found on Work one-on-one with the instructor and with your peers to create this important personal essay. Leave the class with a working draft that's ready for a final review by a parent, teacher, or counselor. Time permitting; you may also workshop supplement essays. Students are encouraged to bring a rough draft or outline of ideas to the class.

Tuesday and Thursday, October 13 to 15
6 to 8:00 p.m.
YEHSC-0004-001, $189
Virtual Classroom

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Prepare for the ACT or SAT exam in a way that best suits your needs. Students who have already taken a test preparation class and are interested in honing in on specific subject areas of your choosing can benefit from one-on-one instruction. $399 price includes six hours of tutoring time and all materials. For more information and to register review our website.  

Summer Grades and Accessing Your Unofficial Transcripts

Students who wish to view final letter grades from previous non-credit summer terms may do so in myACCESS. All final grades are viewable three (3) business days after the end of the semester. Log in at, and follow these directions. An unofficial transcript can be viewed by following these directions.

For technical assistance with myACCESS, please contact the Student Support Helpdesk at (630) 942-2999 or at

Additional COD High School Programming

High school students may also wish to explore additional COD programs such as College Now, Early Admissions at COD, and Dual-Credit academic courses available during the summer and regular school year. 

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