Nursing and Health Sciences Division Feedback

The programs in the Health and Sciences Division at College of DuPage (COD) engage in continuous and systematic evaluation and improvement. We welcome the public's comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive feedback as part of that process; those comments are handled according to the following procedure:

  1. This process is only for comments or concerns that cannot be addressed by existing grievance/due process procedures as explained in all health program handbooks.
  2. Comments must be provided in writing and signed by the author. Anonymous submission or written comments provided on behalf of an anonymous source will not be acknowledged.
  3. When an e-mail is received, it is reviewed by one of the two Health Programs' Program Specialist. If the Program Specialist can respond to the concern, they will return an e-mail to the e-mail author within three business days. If another employee of the college is better suited to answer the concern/comment, the Program Specialist will forward on as appropriate and ask that the e-mail author is responded to within three business days.
  4. If the comment/ concern cannot be handled by the Program Specialist or his/her designee, the Associate Dean who is responsible for the program described will receive the e-mail within 5 business days for them to respond to the e-mail author.
  5. If the e-mail author is not satisfied with the return e-mail(s) they receive, the issue will be escalated to the Dean of the Health and Sciences division.