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Final Exam Review Sessions

During the last week of classes for Fall and Spring semesters, the Math Assistance Area will host review sessions for some math courses. Each session will be two hours long during which an instructor will work with students on a set of review exercises covering the entire syllabus of the course.

Students registering for a review sessions will be sent an e-mail with the review packet attached. Students should try the review problems on their own before attending the session so they know what questions they want to ask. Sessions are conducted by a member of the math faculty or the Math Assistance professional staff.  

Summer 2020 Final Exams

No final exam review sessions will be held during summer semester. However, Math Assistance's regular services will be available through the last day of the semester.

  • Math 0465 or 0481
  • Math 0482
  • Math 1115
  • Math 1218
  • Math 1431 or 1428 (A)
  • Math 1431 (B)
  • Math 1432
  • Math 1635
  • Math 2231 (A)
  • Math 2231 (B)
  • Math 2232 (A)
  • Math 2232 (B)



Registration is not available until session dates and times are posted.

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