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Ask a Question by Email

The Math Assistance Area can answer questions on math, physics, or chemistry by email or enter your phone number if you want a return call. Response time will vary, depending on the course and complexity of the question. Questions submitted after 7 p.m. or on weekends will generally not be answered until the next business day. Please use the form below to submit your email question.  Emails sent directly to will be delivered, but there can be a delay of up to 30-35 minutes if sent from outside (including email addresses.

Ask a Question by Phone

If you prefer to ask your question verbally, fill out the form below.  In the Question box, type in your phone number (with area code). Telephone calls from MAA staff may come from personal phone numbers since COD phones cannot be used from off-campus. If you are expecting a call from an MAA staff member, please answer calls from unknown callers.

If you prefer to ask your question via video chat, try the MAA Blackboard (BB) Collaborate option. 

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