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Original Plat of Milton Township, Illinois

This is the original plat of Milton Township, Illinois where College of DuPage is located. The plat was drawn in about 1840 based on notes taken by the surveyors who laid out the federal township grid. It indicates that the land is mostly open prairie (although some of the prairie is under cultivation by this time) with an abundance of wetlands. Also note the areas labeled "Timber." These wooded islands in the sea of prairie were generally dominated by fire-resistant oak trees and were referred to as "Groves" by the early settlers (we call them “Savannas” today). College of DuPage is located in the town of Glen Ellyn which was called Babcock’s Grove at one time. Babcock’s Grove can be seen in the upper right corner of this plat.

For more information and to view any of the Federal Township Plats of Illinois, go to the State of Illinois website.

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