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Pre-Occupational Therapy/Pre-Physical Therapy Information

Career Opportunities

Students interested in pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy (PT) can prepare by taking general education coursework at College of DuPage. With careful course selection, students can earn an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree while fulfilling many prerequisites for application to a PT degree program. All Physical Therapy entry-level programs are post-baccalaureate.

Successful completion of these courses will not, however, ensure entry into a program. Admission to PT programs is competitive, and prerequisites and other admission requirements vary considerably among schools. Admission is generally based on some combination of transcript evaluation, admission testing, references, writing samples and interviews. Stated prerequisites and grade point averages (GPAs) are generally only minimum requirements for eligibility. A higher GPA may be needed for selection. Most PT programs require completion of a bachelor's degree and results of graduate school admissions tests for acceptance.

Beginning in 2007, all entry-level programs will be post-baccalaureate. 

Job Descriptions

Physical Therapists (PTs) use therapeutic exercise and physical agents such as heat, cold, water and electricity to restore function in patients with physical disease and disability. PTs focus on restoring strength and mobility related to motor function and on pain management. PTs work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and school systems. Graduation from an accredited program (at the B.S. or M.S. level), passage of a certifying exam, and state licensure are required for practice. 

Program Requirements


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