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Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum at COD

Pharmacy schools have a competitive admission process, which includes specific prerequisite coursework. Details for in-state and out-out-state schools may be found at

Pre-pharmacy coursework for most schools in the nation may be completed at College of DuPage. The current articulation table and links for some Illinois schools are listed below. Always check with the specific school for the most up-to-date information.

COD Prerequisite Curriculum

Pre-requisite curriculum Notes Below
English 1101, 1102 X X X X X
Speech 1100 X (1)X (1)X X (1)X
Biology 1151, 1152 X X X X X
(2)Anatomy and Physiology 1551 or 1571 X X X X X
(2)Anatomy and Physiology 1552 or 1572 X X X X X
(3)Chemistry 1551, 1552 X X X X X
Chemistry 2213 (Biochemistry) X        
Chemistry 2551, 2552 X X X X X
Math 1635 X X (6)X X (6)X
(4)Math 2134 or Math 2231 X X X X X
Microbiology 1420 X   X    
Physics 1201 X X X X X
Economics 2201   (5)X (5)X (5)X (5)X



Most pharmacy schools in the United States require one year of introductory biology, one year of general chemistry, and one year of organic chemistry, each taught as a majors sequence.

  1. MU accepts Speech 1100, 1120, or 1150. SIU accepts Speech 1100 or 1160. RU accepts Speech 1100 or 2160.
  2. Anatomy and Physiology 1551 and 1552 are without cadaver experience while Anatomy and Physiology 1571 and 1572 include cadaver experience. Students typically take one sequence (either 1551 and 1552 or 1571 and 1572). Biology 1151 is recommended to be taken before Anatomy and Physiology.
  3. One year high school chemistry (C or better each term) and Math 1431 or equivalent needs to have been taken prior to enrollment in Chemistry 1551.
  4. Most pharmacy schools require one semester of calculus. The schools listed above will accept either Math 2134 (business calculus) or Math 2231 (Calculus I). The math sequence for business calculus (with regard only to 1000-level courses) is Math 1431  Math 2134.  The alternate sequence is Math 1431  Math 1432  Math 2231.  Although the Math 2231 sequence is longer, it may be required by some other pharmacy schools.
  5. MU and SIU will accept Economics 2200, 2201, or 2202.
    CSU and RU will accept Economics 2201 or 2202.
  6. SIU and RU will accept Math 1635 or Psych 2280 or Socio 2205 for Statistics.


General Education Courses

In addition to the courses listed above, pharmacy schools also require general education coursework.

UIC requires one course in Humanities and one course in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

MW requires 6 semester hours of Social and Behavior Science electives (recommended are psychology, sociology, and cultural anthropology) and 8 semester hours of general education electives (any course not related to science, math, physical education, or health care; recommended are arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, foreign language, business, and computer courses).

SIU requires 6 semester hours of general education coursework as follows:

  1. Any 3-semester credit philosophy course.
  2. One of the following: Psychology 1100 or Sociology 1100.

CSU requires 11 semester hours of general education coursework divided among the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, fine arts, foreign language, business or computer science.

RU requires two general education courses for a total of 9 hours.

Comments about Course Selection Admission to a Pharmacy School

Entrance to a pharmacy school is very competitive. Many students apply to several pharmacy schools in hope of gaining admission to at least one of them. Note that UIC, in particular, has somewhat atypical prerequisite requirements. Applicants will likely be required to take the PCAT. Work experience at a pharmacy may be required.

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