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Culinary Arts Certificate

Expected Certificate/Degree


Program Description

The Culinary Arts program provides an opportunity for students to learn the necessary skills to begin or enhance a career in the hospitality industry, the nation's largest retail employer.

Program Requirements

The certificate requires 25 credits in the courses listed below. Please meet with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss the details. 

Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural or interest-based Student Club. If you have any questions about the certificate requirements, please contact a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss the details.

Code Course Name Credits
CULIN 1101 Introduction to Culinary Arts 3
CULIN 1102 Regional American Cuisine 3
CULIN 1103 Fast Casual Dining Operations 2
CULIN 1108 Culinary Measurements and Conversions 2
CULIN 1109 Culinary and Baking Nutrition 1
CULIN 1120 Sanitation 1
CULIN 1171 Baking Fundamentals 3
CULIN 1172 Pastry Fundamentals 3
CULIN 2205 International Cuisine 3
CULIN 2210 Contemporary à la carte Cuisine 4

Total Credits: 25



Contact Information

Laura Lerdal, Culinary Market and Lab Coordinator, (630) 942-2359

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist, (630) 942-2502

David Kramer, Chair, Associate Professor, Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts, (630) 942-2868

Tim Meyers, Chair, Professor, Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts, (630) 942-3223

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219, (630) 942-2048