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Associate in Applied Science Travel and Tourism

Expected Certificate/Degree

Associate in Applied Science

Program Description

The Travel and Tourism program is designed for individuals who plan to enter the travel industry or professionals who desire to update their skills. Career opportunities are available in an exciting variety of areas including airline, ship, travel agencies, tour operators, destination management companies, tourism bureaus and convention industries.

Program Requirements

Please note: A student’s readiness to perform college-level coursework is based on the student's placement test and/or ACT scores. Below 1000-level coursework may be required prior to the student taking courses in the suggested sequences.

This is a typical Program Map; please meet with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss the details. 

Consider joining or visiting with a professional, cultural or interest-based Student Club.

Code Course Name Credits
ENGLI 1101 English Composition I 3
Mathematics  Mathematics 3-5
HOSP 1101 Introduction to Travel and Tourism 3
HOSP 1103 Principles of the Travel Industry 3
HOSP 1161 Travel Geography and Culture – The Americas 3

Total Credits: 15-17

If you have not done so yet this semester, it is important to make an appointment with a Faculty or Program Advisor to discuss your future academic progress.

Code Course Name Credits
SPEEC 1100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
GEN ED Physical and Life Sciences 3-5
HOSP 1102 Introduction to World Destinations 3
HOSP 1104 Principles of the Tourism Industry 3
HOSP 1163 Travel Geography and Culture – Asia and Pacific 3

Total Credits: 15-17 

Code Course Name Credits
ELECTIVE Program Elective 3

Total Credits: 3

Code Course Name Credits
GEN ED Social and Behavioral Science 3
HOSP 1162 Travel Geography and Culture – Europe and Africa 3
HOSP 2210 Global Distribution Systems 3
HOSP 2280 Hospitality Marketing Management 3
HOSP 2863* Internship (Career and Technical Education) 3

Total Credits: 15

* - course has a prerequisite

Code Course Name Credits
GEN ED Humanities or Fine Arts  3
HOSP 2229 Revenue, Fares, and E-Ticketing for Travel 3
HOSP 2236 Cruise Industry Sales 3
HOSP 2250 Sustainable Tourism 3

Total Credits: 12

  • Communication: 6 credits 
  • Mathematics: 3 to 5 credits
  • Physical and Life Sciences: 3 to 5 credits At least one course with a laboratory component
    (Biology 1110, Biology 1151 or Chemistry 1211 in program requirements fulfills this requirement)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts: 3 credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: 3 credits
    (Economics 2201 or Economics 2202 1211 in program requirements fulfills this requirement)
  • Global/Multicultural Studies or Contemporary Life Skills: 2 credits 
    • Complete at least 2 credits from the list of courses in the Global/Multicultural Studies or Contemporary Life Skills Category.

  • Engage in critical analysis and creative thinking.
  • Apply the basic principles of analytical thinking and problem solving when examining hospitality management issues.
  • Analyze trends and organizational data and develop business strategies for the hospitality industry.
  • Collect and evaluate information to make sound decisions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate concepts and theories across functional business domains (e.g. Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, etc.)
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to function effectively in a diverse and global organizational environment.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the application of selected technology.  
  • Synthesize core concepts in the areas of hospitality accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and quantitative methods.
  • Demonstrate personal and professional standards for ethical decision making and social behavior.
  • Evaluate personal and professional goals and development based on perceived strengths and potential for lifelong learning.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, listen, and clearly express themselves using written, oral, visual, and quantitative methods to communicate effectively with superiors, coworkers, customers, and members of the community.
  • Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills needed for managing diverse and global hospitality operations.


Contact Information

Laura Lerdal, Culinary Market and Lab Coordinator, (630) 942-2359

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist, (630) 942-2502

Jim Mulyk, Chair, Hospitality, (630) 942-6429

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219, (630) 942-2048