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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the academic internship approval process take?
    The academic approval process takes 5-10 business days once all completed paperwork is received by the internship coordinator. Students are encouraged to begin the process early.
  • I have secured an internship but the semester has already started. Can I still pursue the academic internship?
    Each internship must occur during a COD academic term. Some options do exist once the semester has started, however, students should schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor or internship coordinator to discuss all options and factors.
  • I can find the internship course for my discipline in MyAccess but it won’t let me register. Why?
    All internship courses require a permit to register. Permits are only issued after the student has received approval for his or her academic internship. Please review the Academic Internship Requirements and the Internship Checklist for information about this process.
  • May I use my current job as my internship?
    If your current job is industry appropriate and offers you the opportunity to learn and execute your goals as agreed upon with your faculty advisor, yes you may.      
  • What happens if I’m unable to complete the required hours within the current semester?
    Your faculty advisor will issue an “Incomplete” as your grade. You will have one year to complete the remaining hours. Upon completion, your faculty advisor will amend the “Incomplete” to reflect the actual grade earned.



Contact Information

Laura Lerdal, Culinary Market and Lab Coordinator, (630) 942-2359

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist, (630) 942-2502

Jim Mulyk, Chair, Hospitality, (630) 942-6429

David Kramer, Chair, Associate Professor, Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts, (630) 942-2868

Tim Meyers, Chair, Professor, Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts, (630) 942-3223

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219, (630) 942-2048