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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Information Technology is one of the top 10 growing fields that does not require a baccalaureate degree. Graduates work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgical centers, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. 

Sixty-eight (68) semester credit hours at the current tuition rate for in-district (District 502) residents. Special Residency classifications are also available to applicable students. Semester credit hours include general education classes. Previous completion of this coursework will reduce this tuition amount. 

Yes. Please consult our Office of Student Financial Aid online or by calling (630) 942-2251. 

The number of applicants varies each year with an average of 60 applications per year and 20 applicants accepted. 


Yes; however, you must submit your previous transcripts to the College of DuPage Records office for evaluation. We do not guarantee acceptance of all credits. If certain credits do not transfer for a particular class, consult the program coordinator. 

No. An applicant may earn two additional points for work experience in health information management/medical records, however, healthcare experience is not necessary. 

Preference in admission is given to residents of District 502 who meet the stated minimum acceptance criteria for the program. Priority for admissions are a) In-district applicants; b) Out-of-district applicants working full-time in-district (proof of in-district employment will be required each semester); and c) Out-of-district applicants including those students with a joint or chargeback agreement and International students.

Program Contact Information

Please visit the Program Contacts page for detailed information.