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Interior Design Student Learning Outcomes

Interior Design Program graduates will

  • Develop a comprehensive design concept based on creative problem solving research including viable space planning using industry standards
  • Create a full set of design documents for an interior design project
  • Using critical thinking strategies generate an appropriate furniture, fixture and materials selection considering applicable codes and sustainability (social responsibility)
  • Produce a presentation of a fully integrated design project that utilizes utilizing visualization software comparable to professional industry standards
  • Compose written justification of project designs and verbally communicate design solutions in presentations in an effective and professional manner
  • Demonstrate soft skills including: (1) collaboration, creating a positive impact on the classroom (2) positive attitude and work ethic (3) accepting/applying feedback to project outcome (4) self-direction and follow-through

Contact Information

For more information please contact interiordesign@cod.edu.

Lisa Horvatin, Program Advisor
(630) 942-2078

Anna Gay, Program Support Specialist
(630) 942-2502

Jane Kielb, Coordinator Interior Design
(630) 942-2508

Shelly Mocchi, Instructor Interior Design
(630) 942-2538

Arts, Communication, and Hospitality Division
McAninch Arts Center (MAC), Room 219, (630) 942-2048