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American Sign Language

Why Study American Sign Language?


American Sign Language (ASL) is a unique, visual language of the Deaf community and is the fastest-growing language offered at colleges. ASL is a different modality where signs are made by moving the hands combined with facial expressions. Communication is essential for people to express their language regardless of the modality.

Cultural Knowledge

American Sign Language is the native language for Deaf/Hard of Hearing/Hearing people. You will gain a rich cultural knowledge of the Deaf community where you will learn their values, history, social, education, and political aspects.

Career Opportunities

COD currently offers ASL certification, ASL Interpreting certification, and an Interpreting AAS Degree. Professional interpreters have opportunities for jobs in the profession such as interpreting in an educational environment (K-12), medical field, law, business, and so forth. American Sign Language Interpreters are in high demand in the workforce.

Why take ASL at COD?

The ASLI program at College of DuPage provides rich opportunities to learn American Sign Language from native ASL signers. Students will develop proficiency in ASL and can earn the American Sign Language Certificate by completing all 7 ASL courses. Then can then go on to earn an Interpreting certificate and/or Associate of Applied Science degree. During our two year and half American Sign Language Interpreting program, students are taught interpreting by RID-certified instructors. The ASLI program includes formal classroom instruction, small group practice, and a practicum experience. For more information about the ASLI program, go to the ASLI Program site.


COD offers ASL courses in the traditional format where classes meet weekly and student have the opportunity to interact with an instructor and their peers. Students can also receive credit for some of the ASL courses through the Demonstrated Competency Process.

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