operating room patient care technician washing hands

Operating Room Patient Care Technician

NOTE: The program is currently undergoing a curriculum revision which means that the requirement of Certified Nurse Assistant or Patient Care Technician will not be required.

Students will be introduced to the operating room patient care team and discover how to assist in providing quality surgical patient care. Students will focus on the role of the operating room patient care technician team, scope of practice, and specific duties of the operating room patient care technician.

This course will provide students with exposure into the perioperative arena, which will let them experience various different roles within this field.  An excellent career ladder approach for these students would be, surgical technology and surgical assisting.  Students may also find they would like to explore anesthesia technology or perioperative nursing. Students will be able to seek employment in a facility that has an operating room such as surgery center, hospital operating room, and obstetrics unit.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to do the following

  • Identify the members of the surgical team
  • List the tasks of an operating room patient care technician
  • Interpret a surgery schedule
  • Summarize medical terms used in the operating room
  • Describe the growth requirements for microorganisms
  • Describe signs and symptoms of infection
  • Summarize the importance of complying with Standard Precautions
  • List some common pathogens
  • Compare and contrast the difference between medical and surgical asepsis in the operating room environment
  • Summarize the importance of frequent hand washing
  • Describe the proper attire for operating room patient care technicians inside and outside of the surgical suite
  • Identify traffic patterns for restricted, semi-restricted, and non-restricted areas of the operating room
  • Describe general cleaning and disinfection of the operating room
  • List major sources of contamination in the surgical suite
  • Demonstrate how to do the surgical hand scrub and the patient surgical skin/shave preparation
  • Demonstrate both the open and closed method of donning surgical gloves
  • Describe the layout of a typical operating room
  • Identify standard operating room furniture, equipment, and their purposes
  • Summarize the safety hazards and methods of prevention that an operating room patient care technician may encounter while on the job
  • Demonstrate proper technique in transporting patients to the operating room
  • List common surgical subspecialties and needs for each of these specialties
  • Identify emergencies that may occur in the operating room and some expectations associated with each of these emergencies
  • Demonstrate proper preparation of operating rooms and case carts
  • Demonstrate opening the sterile field and supplies
  • List common hospital codes and the role of the operating room patient care technician in each of these codes

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