Physical Therapist Assistant students practicing on eachother in lab

Physical Therapist Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Therapist Assistant Program at College of DuPage.

Once a student has been accepted into the program, the student will be in the program for 2 years (5 concurrent semesters), which includes unpaid clinical internships. Each student within a cohort takes exactly the same courses in the same order. A student must pass each PTA course to continue in the PTA program

Applicants may begin submitting applications on April 1.

The deadline for submitting a complete application is found in the Admissions Packet

The PTA program's classes begin the fall semester of the same year as the application.

24 students are accepted into the PTA program each year.

Each program with out-of-district clinical sites may admit a maximum of 20% of out-of-district applicants to the program, based on merit. The 20% maximum policy would only apply to out-of-district applicants who do not have access to a particular program in the community college district in which they reside. Students coming from districts with a particular program within their district would only be considered if there were open seats after all qualified candidates from in-district and out-of-district without programs were accepted.

If there are insufficient numbers of qualified in-district applicants, the maximum percentage of out-of-district students accepted can be exceeded until the program achieves full enrollment, with the approval of the Dean of Nursing & Health Sciences.

Priority for Admission

  • a. In-District applicants
  • b. Out-of-District who are part of the CAREER Consortium Agreement (meaning your residing community college does not offer the particular program in which you are applying)
  • c. Out-of-District applicants working full-time in-district (proof of in-district employment will be required each semester)
  • d. Out-of-District applicants (who are not part of the CAREER Consortium Agreement) including those students with a joint or chargeback agreement and International students

Please review the PTA Admission Packet for more information

The exact number of candidates who have fully completed applications and have met the minimum acceptance criteria has varied from year to year. Since 2013 the range has varied from approximately 55 to 80 applicants.

Read and follow the admission packet carefully.

Completion of all general education classes is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

The advising counselors are very knowledgeable. Visit a Health Career Program Advisor by calling (630) 942-2259 to make an appointment.

Program Contact Information

Please visit the Program Contacts page for detailed information.