Physical Therapist Assistant students practicing on eachother

Physical Therapist Assistant Student Learning Outcomes

Physical Therapist Assistant Program graduates will

  • Demonstrate accurate data collection on patients through interviews, observation, and assessments.
  • Provide a safe and effective treatment session, practicing within the legal and ethical parameters of the physical therapy profession.
  • Describe appropriate safety procedures in the clinical setting following the facilities policies and procedures
  • Demonstrate procedures to maintain a safe and efficient physical environment
  • Determine adjustments to the intervention within the plan of care established by the physical therapist in response to patient clinical indications
  • Identify when intervention should be modified or discontinued, demonstrating critical thinking
  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and nonverbal communication skills, and professional behavior, when interacting with patients, their families, and staff.
  • Demonstrate assistance in patient care management of physical therapy services.
  • Subscribe to activities supporting continued personal and professional growth.

Program Contact Information

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