Speech pathologist working with a child

Learning Outcomes

Speech Language Pathology Assistant program graduates will

  • Provide quality services as outlined by the supervising SLP in a documented treatment plan
  • Complete speech and language screenings without interpretation
  • Assist SLP during diagnostic testing if requested by the supervising SLP
  • Document progress toward goals in established therapy plan and assist with informal documentation
  • Perform clerical duties, assist with departmental operations, and perform equipment maintenance checks as requested by the supervising SLP
  • Provide support in research projects, in-servicing, and public relations programs, and collect data for quality improvement
  • Exhibit compliance with scope of service
  • Exhibit compliance with regulations and reimbursement requirements
  • Exhibit professional behavior, ethical conduct, and interpersonal skills when interacting with clients/patients and families, supervisors, and staff
  • Assume responsibility for continued professional and personal growth
  • Apply for licensure through the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations
  • Contribute positively to the speech language pathology profession and community

Program Contact Information

Please visit the Program Contacts page for detailed information.