teacher in classroom with young children

Teacher Preparation Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete Education courses will

  • Develop reflective practices
  • Define professional responsibilities of pre-service and in-service teachers
  • Describe public education since inception
  • Define qualities of a culturally competent teacher
  • Develop communication skills to enhance professional relationships
  • Apply methods of inquiry to analyze traditional and progressive educational practices



Contact Information

April Zawlocki
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H01E, (630) 942-3383

Shannon Delgado
Associate Professor
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H01D, (630) 942-3014

Christine Jandak, Program Advisor
Teacher Preparation Program
Counseling, Advising and Transfer Services
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H01F
Email: jandakc@cod.edu
Direct line: (630) 942-2981
For appointments, contact Counseling & Advising

Social/Behavioral Sciences and the Library Division Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06
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