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Theater Career Opportunities

Theater practitioners work in many different careers: the theater itself; in other performance industries such as film and dance; and in diverse roles in business, education or other related professions.

Some theater majors pursue two complementary majors to increase their employability. For instance, someone who wants to teach high school may major in English or history as well as theater. Or, a student interested in counseling may major in theater and psychology.

Although a graduate degree is often advisable to increase knowledge and competitiveness for the actor, director, designer or technician in theater, many opportunities are available for those with continuing training. Our faculty strongly encourages students to pursue a bachelor's degree. Surveys regarding jobs held by baccalaureate-degreed theater graduates showed employment as actors, technicians, stage managers, directors, high school teachers and counselors, production managers, and management trainees. One caution is that most jobs in professional theater exist for the length of the project, so a student is well-advised to diversify employable skills.

The Theater program at College of DuPage is designed for students who intend to continue theater studies at a baccalaureate-granting institution, for students who want to broaden their general education with theater electives, and/or for community members and students who want to participate in college theatrical performance groups. The theater courses are also useful in communications, public relations and teaching career fields.

The Theater program provides potential transfer students with a strong educational foundation.

Those interested in the technical aspects of theater can choose courses in scene design and special effects, lighting and sound.

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