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DePaul University Dual Admissions Partnership Program (DAPP)

Creates a seamless transfer path from College of DuPage to DePaul University into selected majors.

  • Guaranteed admission into a participating DePaul University bachelor degree programs.
  • Clear path for College of DuPage students to participating majors at DePaul University.
  • Special scholarship opportunity. 

Guaranteed Admission

Guarantees admission into participating majors at DePaul University upon completion of studies at College of DuPage.

DAPP Scholarship

Students that maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA at the time of transfer are eligible for the DAPP Scholarship.

DePaul Support

The DePaul Admission Partnership Program (DAPP) is a transfer preparation program designed for students beginning their college education at College of DuPage. It is a great way to make sure that you are taking the right courses for your degree by mapping out a path to your selected major.  Students will be able to meet with their DePaul University Transfer Admissions Counselor at College of DuPage to receive guidance on the DAPP program requirements.  

DAPP Participation Form

Students should submit a DAPP participation form as early as possible, but prior to completing 30 semester hours at College of DuPage, to be eligible for the program.  Participation forms do not act as an admission application.  Students will receive communications and guidance from DePaul University on when to submit an admissions application.

Students will obtain a personalized transfer guide from their DePaul University DAPP representative. Schedule an appointment with a DePaul University DAPP representative.  

  1. Complete the DAPP participation form. Indicate your intended date of transfer and major. If you have not decided on a major, you may join DAPP by identifying yourself as an “undeclared major.” Your degree requirements will not be able to be locked in until your major is declared.
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with a DePaul University transfer counselor at the Loop Campus or at your local community college within a month of submitting the DAPP form.
  3. Confirm that you meet the DAPP participation requirements at your scheduled appointment.

Students should refer to the DAPP website for the most current program requirements. 

  1. Submit a DAPP participation form as soon as possible, but prior to completing 30 semester hours at College of DuPage.
  2. Submit Maintain satisfactory academic progress. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required to maintain eligibility for admission to DePaul and the program of your choice. DePaul’s College of Education requires a cumulative transfer GPA of 2.5. Animation does require a portfolio requirement.
  3. Meet regularly with your COD advisor and DePaul University transfer coordinator. 
  4. Maintain continuous enrollment of at least two courses per term, not including summer, in a transfer degree program
  5. Enroll as a transfer student at DePaul within three academic years of initial participation in DAPP.
  6. Work with DePaul University transfer admission counselor to ensure that you meet the required admission application deadline.

Students should refer to the DAPP website for the most current program requirements.

For more information contact

College of DuPage Counseling, Advising, and Transfer Center

Student Services Center (SSC), 3200

(630) 942-2259

DePaul University

Heidi Wirth, Assistant Director
DePaul University Transfer Admission and Adult Enrollment Center
(312) 362-5860 |
Schedule an appointment