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New Student Orientation Workshops

Fall 2020 Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the workshops offered for NSO.

Disclaimer: Workshop information is subject to change. Please return later for a more precise schedule.

Workshop Session Topics

Access and Accommodations: Leveling the Playing Field (p.m. only)

Students with disabilities will actively engage in how to receive help in their own transition from high school to college. Services and accommodations and how they differ from high school to college are addressed. 

Athletics and PE: Eligibility and Course Offerings (a.m. only)

Find out about the 15 intercollegiate sports that COD sponsors in the National Junior College Athletic Association and the course offerings within our Physical Education Department. Topics include athletic eligibility, coach contact information, lecture course offerings, and activity course offerings.

Career Services: Path to Ca$h

#BeCareerReady, it's more than just a hashtag but a reality for your future success. Take advantage of the resources on campus to set you apart from your peers. It only takes seven seconds for employers to form their first impression of you, and 65% of employers say they want candidates with related experiences. Learn how Career Services can help you #BeCareerReady.

Counseling and Advising: First Year Fundamentals

Do you want to start college off on the right foot? Discover the ways in which college is different from high school, and learn strategies for successfully navigating your first year. 

Counseling and Advising: Help For Undecided Students

Think you can't move forward because you haven't chosen a major or are overwhelmed by all the choices? Our Counseling staff is dedicated to help you plan courses. Find out the steps you need to take!

Counseling and Advising: Tips for Transferring

You just got here, but it is never too early to think about transferring to your four-year college or university. Find out about the important guideposts on your pathway to continuing your academic endeavors beyond COD! And, meet the people who can help guide you along the way.

Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating Culture and Creating Community

Success is more than a destination...it is the journey! This high energy, interactive session shares how the Student Diversity Office is designed to celebrate culture, encourage and inspire students to have an active voice, and to foster a sense of belonging at College of DuPage!

Faculty and Student Panel 

An important part of college is what happens in the classroom. Take this opportunity to learn from both our experts-faculty and students-to be successful.

Field Studies and Study Abroad: The World is Your Classroom

Explore ways to expand your perspective, develop new skills, and earn credit through Field Studies and Study Abroad. Be transported off campus to learn another language, experience another culture, engage with others, and challenge yourself while exploring the world. Dig, climb, paint, research, write, paddle, read, and journey your way through college, collecting memories and experiences. 

Financial Aid: How To Keep It

Often students do not understand how to keep their Financial Aid until after they have risked losing it. Learn how to view your award letter, the importance of not dropping classes, significance of accepting financial aid, and terms and agreements of financial aid.

Honors Program: Enriching Learning (a.m. only)

Get introduced to the Honors Program at COD. Honors Program faculty will share information about requirements and course offerings. Faculty and current Honors students will speak about "enriched learning" and how participation in the Honors Program can help you realize your full academic potential.

Learning Commons: The Road to Academic Success

Come find out about the FREE academic support services offered in our Learning Commons! Services include tutoring, math, writing, reading, and speech assistance. These services are available to all registered COD students. Discover the who, what, where and when of how the Learning Commons can help you on the road to academic success.

Library: Beyond Books

Unlock all the ways our library can help you be successful in your classes and why our grads keep coming back to use our resources!

McAninch Arts Center: Your Creative Side

Check out what you can do at the MAC and how you can get involved! From performing center stage or playing music (private or group) to the classes you can take in jewelry, photography, pottery, 2-D or 3-D art, Graphic Arts, or Motion Picture Television.

Student Life: LIVE IT

Join us for a fun workshop session to discover everything we have to offer to make your COD experience one-of-a-kind. Find out how to get involved in one of our 90+ clubs, learn about leadership development, and get the inside scoop on other development opportunities across campus. It's your student life so come see the possibilities and get ready for an experience you don't want to miss.

Student Support Services: Navigators

You are about to start one of the most exciting times in your life and our team wants to help you along your educational journey. All new students are assigned a Navigator to work with from registration to graduation. Navigators help you identify campus resources, develop goals, and overcome challenges while you are here. Come meet the Navigators and learn more about how our office will assist you.

Very Important Person (V.I.P.) Coffee Connection

Want to help your student's transition to college, but are not sure how? Still have questions about course requirements, degrees or the transfer process? Not sure where you are in the financial aid pipeline? Attend our session for parents, guardians and those supporting their student to connect with our Student Services staff and get answers to your questions.


*All workshop sessions are subject to change.